At Aretusa Films, we believe that collaborations with other entities and companies are creatively enriching, especially when they involve the creation of new talents.

Cinema Workshops Short Films

Beginning in Spring 2021, Ilaria Gambarelli teaches a cinema class called “Introduction to Short Film” at Pati Llimona Barcelona. Below are the results of eight class sessions with six very involved and creative students. Contact us for the film password!

Collaborations with Companies

Aretusa has recently collaborated with the music production company, Danca, to create a variety of videoclips in Ibiza and Barcelona. Below are the results of our creative collaboration.

Students Short Films

Our agreement with IES Abroad Barcelona allows us to host some interns during a period of time. These interns support all tasks of Aretusa Films, and they often have the opportunity to create a personal project while working with us. This was the case for the extremely talented Hannah, Jada, Rachel and Penn.

Queer Abroad

Director: Hannah Fulk

In an effort to explore her own queerness as well as compare queer culture in America and Spain, Hannah created this documentary that showcases LGBTQ+ night life, the 2022 Barcelona Pride Festival, and her personal journey abroad. This film uncovers Barcelona queer history and illustrates queer beauty internationally. The director’s goal was to tell the stories of queer people living in this city, not as they are assumed to be, but as they truly are. 

Contact us for the film password!

A Barcelona Con Amor

Director: Rachel Zingg

This film explores the unique forms of love the director encountered during her time abroad in Barcelona, Spain. It compares self-love, family love, and romantic love by sharing interviews with natives and visitors in Spain. The director also explains her own experiences with each of these love types. This film shows the immense love the director has developed for Barcelona and the people she met.

Contact us for the film password!

El Viento

Director: Jada Page

Jada Page, a junior in college, reflects on her religious beliefs in Barcelona, Spain. She works with two students, Gabby and Elanna, to explore their beliefs together while abroad. Although their paths are different, they all share a common interest: the question of whether to believe or to not believe is present in all of us.

Contact us for the film password!

One Night in Barcelona

Director: Penn Harrison

In 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, British journalist Sean Harris disappeared without a trace in Barcelona. 80 years later, Tyler, his American grandson, comes to Barcelona to find the truth behind Harris’s disappearance. Inspired by his grandfather’s heroism, Tyler begins writing his grandfather’s story: “One Night in Barcelona.”