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Naranjos en Flor

Laura is a young Swiss woman who takes a trip to her Spanish origins. She aims to create closer ties to her grandmother in Seville. Carmen is an older woman who returned to Seville after her 15-year Swiss exile. Their age difference shows moral, cultural and social conflicts. Their generational distance shows changes in the condition of women. What was Carmen like in her time? What is her view of marriage? How does she react to the ways of new generations?

Director -

Laura Gabay

Screenplay -

Laura Gabay

Production -

Laura Gabay, Ilaria Gambarelli, Irene Muñoz, Lorraine Tilliatte

Photography -

Laura Gabay, Ishika Ladduwahetty, Nicolas Wydler

Sound -

Laura Gabay, Alejandro Pérez

Edition -

Pablo Hernández

Sales Agent -