Io Sono il Sole - ARETUSA FILMS

Io Sono il Sole

The intimate portrait of the Italian stylist Lorenzo Riva and his relationship with his collaborator and ex partner in life Luigi Valietti. Since the crash of their brand, the couple have been forced to work in the shade and depend on each other, economically and emotionally. In an economically depressed Italy, alternating a routine life and luxury events, Lorenzo and Luigi do not stop fighting from the dark to regain their prestige in the world of international fashion and shine again with their art.

Director -

Ilaria Gambarelli

Screenplay -

Ilaria Gambarelli

Production -

Aretusa Films and Chakalaka Films

Photography -

Luis Manuel Caballero Alvárez

Sound -

Manuel Prieto

Edition -

Ilaria Gambarelli

Sales Agent -

Wide Managment