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Porta Europa

Porta Europa is a documentary shortfilm that follows the lives of three people who work to reconstruct a bridge as they spend their days suspended on a scaffold high above the sea. The short documentary was created by Ilaria Gambarelli in Barcelona under the supervision of Abbas Kiarostami during his first workshop. Porta Europa was ​​organized by Black Factory Cinema and was selected among the 10 best shorts of the workshop. It also was in the official competition of the Film Festival D’Autors in Barcelona, the 33rd Fajr Film Festival in Tehran, the 49th Documentary Festival Alcances of Cadiz. the 9th Northen Wave Film Festival of Iceland among others.

Director -

Ilaria Gambarelli

Screenplay -

Ilaria Gambarelli

Production -

Aretusa films and Blackfactory Cinema

Photography -

Ilaria Gambarelli

Sound -

Ilaria Gambarelli

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