Hsiao Ch’u

When David gets into a serious problem he decides to ask Eva, whom he has not seen for years, to return the favor he did in the past. Once he locates her and they stay in a bar, she confesses that her life has changed radically and that she can not offer the kind of help she needs. The next morning, David receives anonymous help at the door of his house. Everything indicates that in the end Eva has found a way to help him, or at least that’s what David believes. The domesticating force of the small is the first short film by Alejandro Mauriño García, starring Danny Valakia and Rocio Borrallo. The short is now in the distribution phase to festivals.

Director -

Alejandro Maurino

Screenplay -

Alejandro Maurino

Production -

Aretusa Films

Photography -

Luis Manuel Caballero Alvárez

Sound -

Carlos Ruiz

Sales Agent -